Purchase guarantee

Purchase Guarantee

All the products offered in our store are guaranteed against breakage or damage occurred in the transport process or obvious manufacturing defects and, where appropriate, by the one granted by each manufacturer or by current legislation.

www.selegnajuguetes.es makes a special effort to ensure that our products have the support of renowned manufacturers and a high level of quality as well as a careful packaging process to the maximum.

Any incident for these reasons must be reported to selegnajuguetes within 24 hours of delivery of the package to the recipient.

The guarantee becomes effective through the refund of the amount paid or the replacement of the model, although the latter is not always possible as it depends on the availability of units at all times or the type of defect that the model presents. The item must be returned complete (as it was sent), with box, display case, bases, model, etc., not accepting incomplete returns of the product.

www.cocheminiatura.es does not guarantee in all cases the exchange of the model for another of the same or similar characteristics, but it always guarantees the refund of the same amount.